Whitetail Hunts on my 150+ acre ranch is always 100% fair chase within my preserve. Ever hunter reguardless of experience will have a challenging hunt. The ranch is a rolling property with deep ravine bottoms2 ponds high grass land high wooded ridges and heavy brush areas that has the recipe for a whitetail paradise. There are several large areas in the ranch where I plant corn alfalfa soybean and all types of winter food plots which is specifically designed to grow the largest whitetail in the country!

SAFETY IS PRIORITY! What better way is there to have a safe hunt than being the only hunters in the woods? Over the years Ive prided myself on NEVER double booking hunters. Friendship means more to me than the hunt! Every hunter that hunts with me can be assured you or your group will be the only hunters during your stay. I personally hunt with you and handle your harvest myself. No uncomfortable feelings of different people walking around and invading your Whitetail Hunt of A Lifetime!

No hunter leaves unhappy or unsuccessful! In the event that a hunter shoots and misses doesnt get a good quality shot or just doesnt see a whitetail within their particular hunt package will NEVER pay me anything! If I cant be successful in guiding you to your Whitetail Hunt Of A Lifetime you shouldnt pay! I will re-book you as many times as it takes for FREE until you harvest your buck of a lifetime.

We hunt from morning to evening everyday of your stay. Ive built elevated box blinds large enough to accommodate four adults. These blinds are also set up for any special needs hunters as well. The blinds are carpeted insulated and yes HEATED! Ive set these blinds up around travel patterns and pinch points based on how I planted food plots in that area. I also have several two man ladder stands for that bow hunter that prefers not to hunt from box blinds. I have a lot of fun videoing all my hunts. I will video your entire hunt and make you a copy for your own pleasure at home. Of course if you dont want me to video just let me know!

FREE RANGE HUNTS: Free range hunts are EXTREMELY limited each year. I only book 8 weeks each hunting season on my free property. This is a property I hunt myself and choose to limit the hunting so everyone that does hunt has a great chance at being successful including myself! Call me for availability on these hunts.


Our Address:

Dundee Ohio


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